dison’s small size is part of what enables us to focus on each student as an individual. With approximately 200 students each year and a typical class size of twelve, our faculty of education experts is able to develop a deep and caring relationship with every child that comes through our doors. In order to maintain our community as positive, learning-centered and supportive, it is vital that we screen each applicant family carefully.

Due to the academic nature of the school and increased homework load, testing is used for admission for all students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12. Interviews with the parents and at least one school visit for the student are required as part of our admissions process and help ensure that we can provide the correct environment to meet each child’s needs.

A rolling admissions policy is in place; registrations are accepted on a continual basis as space becomes available. As part of our admissions policy, we do not offer wait listing for any grade at Edison School. If you wish to apply for admission for the 2018/2019 academic year, please complete a registration form and include a cheque for 10% of your total tuition and transportation fees. This cheque will not be deposited until student acceptance is confirmed and is non-refundable following acceptance and registration.

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